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WS2012: THE COSMIC COORDINATE: 111121122012

This is outrageous. How’s a guy, whose willing to travel to the galactic center
to reboot this program, know when the Mayan Calendar now ends or when WS2012 actually begins?
First the Naval Global Observatory changes the time of WS2012 from 11:11 to 11:12
and now HAARP is alleged to be trying to change its day.
What’s next? Possibly the LHC changing the month?
The dark side is becoming desperate – still not realizing that destiny will no longer be denied.
The portal will open on December 21, 2012 @ 11:11 in Sedona Arizona,
whether or not the time, day, or month fluctuates.
It is in the digital significance of WS2012 that I must rely on: 111121122012.

The massive 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile may have changed the entire Earth’s rotation and
shortened the length of days on our planet, a NASA scientist said Monday.

11:11 Invitation

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