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A Picture Perfect Day for Bell Rock

Not that the photos do it any justice from a mile away but that’s as close as I could get today.
I have not heard any sirens but the helicopters all day sure disrupted any peace and quiet.
That’s common with tourist season but today only local officials were hovering to watch.

The first picture is from my much larger viewpoint a mile away, the second is zoomed.
Not a big crowd but Peter is surrounded by people who know and love the real him.
The negative emails I received shows some don’t understand what Peter said.
His words are here for those who want to understand his Leap of Faith.

Bell Rock December 21, 2012 11:11am

Top of Bell Rock December 21, 2012

Update December 21, 2012 9:30 PM
Just heard from Peter and he is still on top of Bell Rock with a few friends, until 11:11 pm.
It’s a beautiful moonlit night with crystal clear skies and lights beaming from Bell Rock.
I will update this again when I find out more, for now I sit and watch the lights.

Update #2
Peter came down at midnight and said “I didn’t win”.

I say he didn’t lose.

To eternity and beyond…

“The Truth IS Out There”

11:11 Invitation

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