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by: Rohaan Solare
Bell Rock, Sedona; what a marvelous place! I have hiked and mountain biked there.
I am grateful for the inclusion in your article.

With regards to McKenna’s “predictions”. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Mckenna’s work is his timewave theory and its coincidence with the end of the Maya Long Count cycle.

It is very difficult to say what the next few years will look like because we have never undergone a planetary scaled phase transition involving the human collective/system known as humanity. We can only describe the event thematically. The look and timing of events themselves we can only approximate based on large scale trends currently in motion and due to intersect at varying scales over the next few years. Dec, 21, 2012 marks only the very center point of the nexus of the phase transition.

We have been undergoing event increase per time unit over last 260 tun. The last 26 tun of the Maya long count cycle is a fractal equivalent of the last 26,000 tun. A tun is a Maya calendric year of 360 days. 26,000 tun equals a Maya precessional cycle which is perhaps the actual duration of the precessional cycle. The best Western estimate is only about 100 years off the Maya calculation. Based on the superior understanding of Maya calendrics I would have to say that the Maya reckoning is probably the correct account.

Time is not accelerating but rather the number of events per time unit is increasing. Humanity can only process so information as events before the speed become intolerable and overloads the critical threshold known as the self-organizing critical point.
Think of the Day or Days the Earth stood still. I don’t think the Earth will stop rotating. It is only a metaphor for a planetary scaled regrouping (systems reset/reorganization that occurs after a critical threshold has been exceeded.

We could begin to see the gradual implementation of egalitarian models of leadership and organization. That would indeed be novel for a Planet that has been plagued by a dominator model of leadership/organization for the last 5000 years. It is no coincident that the Maya Long count cycle coming to an end is of the same duration as the horrendous history of Western Civilization.

Attached to all of this is an increase in synchronicities as we approach the nexus of 2012. Millions are expecting this event and billions are oblivious are to it. It is up those of us anticipating the events to network and help spread the word otherwise panic and confusion will only increase as events continue to put a increasing squeeze on everybody.

To this effect I invite you and your readers to utilize the communication mediums being made available to faciliate networking and communication. The leading edge
communication system to this effect is Twitter. I invite you and your readers to join my network on Twitter so that we may inform each other and track the phenomena as it unfolds.


Rohaan Solare

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