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Apocalypse 2012 by the CBC

Peter Gersten’s Leap of Faith is featured in the new video Apocalypse 2012 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. is also shown a few times in the first of the 5 part video series. It is a great overview of all the theories surrounding December 21, 2012. Take a look:

Peter climbing Bell Rock in preperation for his Leap of Faith is shown about 10 minutes into part 2::

Thank you CBC for such a wide ranging and thorough look at the 2012 phenomenon, and Bell Rock!

1 comment to Apocalypse 2012 by the CBC

  • Apocalypse 2012 or is a 2012 Phenomenon undeniable, it’s implications should be realized by all if they have not already been. To ignore this 2012 Phenomenon would be as ignoring true reality. The conscience changes will be significant and the physical changes will not matter.

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