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My Journey to Bell Rock

Greetings and blessings from Heaven on Earth.

Bell Rock certainly has a magical draw and a special place in my life.

My father thought oil painting lessons would be a good “vision quest” for my birthday when I was becoming a “man” at 14. I spent a year painting flowers, animals, and landscapes with a very interesting teacher, who just happened to be my finger painting teacher from 1st grade. I didn’t improve much but created a dozen or so oils to give away to whatever family members would take them. After a few years in college I took off for a summer stint driving a bus, hiking, and chasing girls at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. There was 6 feet of snow on the ground when I arrived in May 1975, I had never seen more than 2 inches growing up in Texas. Friends at the Grand Canyon brought me down to Sedona & Oak Creek to “thaw out” and go swimming. Whoa boy!, those were the days, college girls from NAU all up and down the creek baring it all.

Times and the laws have changed.
(along with my marital status).

After meeting a girl from Tucson on my birthday that same year,
moving to Death Valley together, getting married, having a son at the Grand Canyon, etc…
We ended up moving to Sedona at the beginning of 1978 and had 4 more amazing children!
3 handsome boys & 2 beautiful girls.

And we now have 4 awe-inspiring grandkids (3 boys 1 girl so far), and an empty nest! (Update 2010, SIX awe inspiring grandkids, 4 boys and 2 girls.)

Life has been good to us, and obviously still is!

Anyway, back to the story…..

My mom came to visit us for the first time in Sedona back in 1978 and could not wait to send me a painting I had done of “red rocks” 10 years earlier. Lo and behold, when it arrived it was of Bell Rock. When my 2nd son was in 7th grade he brought home a page out of Arizona Highways Magazine with a photo of Bell Rock with the exact same yuccas, and I remembered my art teacher had kept lots of those magazines around for her students to paint from. But it got even better, the photographer was Bob Bradshaw who once owned the postcard company I worked for when I first moved here and later became a good friend. It hangs in my living room to this day to remind me of the synchronizations that brought me here unaware of the painting. I was certainly led by “unseen forces”. The fact that I am still alive and living here today is proof of powers beyond my understanding.

Not by “my” power, but by the power of The Creator that flows through everything. Not just animate objects as we call them, in this place the rocks are animated too. Look at some of the pictures on this site for too long and you may see stone faces staring back at you. If you listen you may even hear them calling you home………..

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