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Bike & Bean & Bell Rock

What do mountain bikes and coffee beans have to do with Bell Rock? Well, the new managing partners of the former Quail Ridge Resort, now named The Red Agave Resort, are the owners of the Bike & Bean, located just down the street on Hwy 179. Jimmy and Craig had been sending guests to stay at Quail Ridge for years when the rooms at Bike & Bean were full so it is only fitting that they are sharing the beauty of this special property as your hosts. There is no group of visitors that sees more of the Red Rock country than the mountain bikers. They have been known to cover 30 or more miles in a day through the back country here, and that is no easy feat. They enjoy relaxing in the jacuzzis watching the sunset turn the Red Rocks golden at the end of the day. Quail Ridge Resort The Red Agave Resort is one of the most relaxing and awe inspiring places you could ever visit. It is also the nearest spot to Bell Rock where you can legally sleep, although you may just want to stay up and bask in the glow of Bell Rock at night. Which might just happen with all that great coffee from Bike & Bean.

Quail Ridge Resort - Sedona, AZ

Quail Ridge Resort - Sedona, AZ

Quail Ridge Resort The Red Agave Resort is the #1 choice of places to stay near Bell Rock, but make reservations early because they only have 9 A-Frame Chalets and 5 Studios which fill up fast. They’ll be glad to refer you to some nearby properties if they have no room in the inn.

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