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The End of Time ???

“There shall be wars and rumors of war until The End of Time”
The Holy Bible

“The End of Time”? I say bring it on!
That’s my take on 2012. What’s yours?

To be more specific….
The “End of Time” as we know it now.
Time is a concept that creates boundaries.
Our attachment to matter is just a concept.
Nothing is solid and nothing is static.
Not even the rocks.
Our range of perception is so limited and minute in comparison to
the spectrum of frequencies that flow through the universe.
The only way to become aware of them is to listen in silence.
99.9% of even the tiniest molecule is NOTHING.
99.9% Pure unadulterated, nothing!
Breathe it in, and let it’s power fill you.
It is always surrounding us and filling our being.
We are but a minute bit of consciousness
leaving our imprint on the nothing we all share.

They say “Nothing last forever” and I agree,
Nothing is eternal. It is everlasting.
It is the essence of all things that ever were or will be.
The only thing that is something is our perception of something.
We give life to nothing by calling it something,
just as our Creator made something from nothing.
It is my belief that “Life is just a dream”, but…
the real dreamer is our Creator and we are
just His/Her nightmare run amuk.
That would be due to our insistence on free will,
the freedom to think we are something
when we are really nothing more than dreamers within a dream.
Wake-up time, 12/21/2012. Unless you’re awake already.;)

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