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“Sit Down! Shut Up! & Wait!”?

Hi Again,

Today’s entry in the Countdown Journal is “Sit Down! Shut Up! and Wait!”

There are only 444  24-hour days until the 21st day of 2012. Please use them wisely.


23 August 2011


“Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.” ?– Dr. Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception, p. 20
PAG e-NEWS: 23 August 20111
  -questioning authority, dogma, ideology, and reality.
Published by Peter A. Gersten (
-The 11:11 Invitation:
My impression of the first video is hoax but with the newsman seeing an orb 5 days later, the video now become a decent – though not accurate – representation of what the reporter saw. Hopefully one-day orbs will be removed from the UFO category and given one of their own. At one time UFOs were a synonym for flying saucers. Now any unidentifiable light in the night sky and unidentifiable object in daylight is a UFO. UFO – as well as crop circle – researchers seem to be missing something, probably because they are being misled. The fact that we are still in the dark about these two phenomena suggests that we need to open our minds to the possibility that we are in some type of intelligently designed simulation – and it is being hacked.
UFO expert Nick Pope told the Sun: ‘It’s a really interesting video. Assuming it’s genuine, it’s one of the most bizarre pieces of UFO footage I’ve seen in a long time.’
It has a somewhat cylindrical shape, but the diameter appears to change slightly in several places along its length. A sharp reduction is especially evident near the right end. One could speculate that it is a bottle-shaped helium balloon escaped from its moorings. However, without more information, this object is properly called a UFO.
However, others are not as easily explained. For example, here is a case where an orb seems to be projecting light onto its surroundings.


22 August 2011


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. –Edmund Burke
PAG e-NEWS: 20 June 2011
  -questioning authority, dogma, ideology, and reality.
Published by Peter A. Gersten (
-The 11:11 Invitation:
If I were an intelligent silicon life form directing an invasion against a carbon-based life form contained within a biosphere, I wouldn’t attack it by force with lethal weapons as usually depicted in our science fiction. Nope – I would destroy what the life form needs to exist and reproduce. I would poison its air supply, contaminate its food supply, and pollute its water supply. I would eliminate its life-support systems. I would destroy its biosphere. Of course I would also sterilize it and eliminate any possibility of its members reproducing. And not only would I do it in a way that would not generate any resistance, I would get the life form to do it all for me.
I suggest that is exactly what is occurring in our simulated reality. We exist within an intelligently designed form of holographic technology and like our kindergarten variety, it can be hacked and it is susceptible to ‘cosmic’ parasites – in our case a silicon-based memetic virus. There are only two possibilities: Either humanity has a design flaw and is in fact an inherently self-destructive form of life or something alien has hijacked the frequencies that comprise our thoughts and is using them to get us to destroy ourselves. The evidence suggests the latter. The frequencies that manifest our reality originate at the source of our simulation that metaphorically is located at the galactic center. And that is where the memetic virus will be found. Unfortunately the virus has so altered the natural balance within our biosphere that only at the source will the damage be undone. Stay tuned!  
Having a ‘China Syndrome’ in Fukushima promises us bad times for a long time to come. It promises a river of our children’s blood and that blood flow is already flowing through children’s noses, as certain doctors have reported in Japan and as certain doctors noticed during the Gulf oil disaster.
When on August 2nd readings of 10,000 millisieverts (10 sieverts) of radioactivity per hour were detected at the plant, Japan’s science ministry said that level of dose is fatal to humans, and is enough radiation to kill a person within one to two weeks after the exposure.
Each hour of TV you watch could cut 22 minutes from your lifespan, a new Australian study has found.
Breaking into cars by smashing a window or picking a lock is so 90’s. These days, security experts are worried about much more tech-savvy car thieves who can unlock your car, or even start it, simply by shooting it a text message or two. Many automotive systems — such as OnStar — utilize the same type of cellular technology as a common cell phone.