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Bell Rock in TV & Movies

Bell Rock has been etched in our minds with images on the sliver screen.

Lots of westerns were filmed in Sedona and around Bell Rock.

For a fairly complete list visit the Bradshaws A Day in the West at:

One of my favorites was The Legend of Lobo (1961) by Disney. Hiking along Dry Creek behind Sedona Pines RV Resort I discovered the “cave” that Lobo lived in, made of red concrete and chicken wire. It even had a dead Juniper tree trunk cemented in to make it look more realistic. I trust that not all of the red rock formations in Sedona were created by Disney!

Jimmy Stewart was one of my favorite actors(Harvey!). He starred in the Sedona Western, Broken Arrow (1950) and later with Glen Ford in Fire Creek (1965).

Another of my favorite Bell Rock movies was The Rounders (1964), starring Glen Ford and Henry Fonda. Parts of which were filmed almost where my house sits today, although with a lesser view of Bell Rock today thanks to development and growth (60? trees!). UPDATE! Thanksgiving 2008: My neighbor mysteriously and miraculously decided to cut down those trees before they fell on his house!

WOW! Thank you Lord, and Ward (my neighbor).

(Note: they were non-native Mondale pines subject to rust disease.)

A couple of movies not on Bradshaw’s list are Kenny Roger’s The Gambler (1984?)

and a Robert DeNiro chase scene in Midnight Run involving a hundred locals and their cars. I’m sure there are many others not listed and the Sedona Heritage Museum has a section dedicated to our film history if you are interested.

A lot of TV commercials are filmed here, like the Skittles Mtn.Bikers on Bell Rock.

But my favorite Bell Rock scene of all time…

Quantum Leap, a TV series from 1989-1993 starring Scott Bakula as Sam &  Dean Stockwell as “Al”, who could appear as a holographic projection to Sam wherever he was, that is if the computer, “Ziggy”, wasn’t acting up.

A lot of reality in that.:))

In the final season they showed the outside of Headquarters for the first time as “Sam” was zooming back into his own body which was located at Headquarters ……….inside of Bell Rock.

That was a nice night shot of Bell Rock glowing with a golden light (as usual!).

I’ll add more films/shows as I get a-round-tuit and some fresh memory cells.

If you would like to refresh my memory please email host @ or feel free to add your comments below.


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