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More Cloud Critters of Bell Rock

Good Morning,

There is nothing quite as relaxing on an Easter Sunday afternoon than checking out more of the Cloud Critters of Bell Rock. See them for yourself in today’s Countdown Journal.


The Cloud Critters of Bell Rock


18 April 2011

It is highly doubtful that the ancient Maya knew of the Planet X speculation, nor could they have had knowledge of the idea of a crustal shift. Yet the surviving Maya writings are clearly warning of ‘something wicked’ coming at the end of this current Long Count.
PAG e-NEWS: 18 August 2011
— questioning dogma, ideology, authority, & reality
 — peeking behind the curtain
  — thinking outside the program
   — looking below the surface       
    — lifting the veil
Published by Peter A. Gersten, Esq. (
DON’T PANIC – the END is in SIGHT!
While the Sil-Org relentlessly continues on its plan to destroy carbon-based life forms through advanced forms of technology, within our simulation the various planetary dramas compete to see which will be given the dishonor of ending our program. After reading the below articles I have a hunch I know which one of these end-times scenarios it is. Why am I starting to glow? Oh, it must be something I ate – or drank – or breathed.
If I didn’t know better I might think they all are on a collision course. Now is not a good time to have our shields down. The imbalance in nature that our hijacked thoughts have created cannot be undone from within the cosmic program. Only outside our simulation – at its Source – can the balance be restored. And it must be restored and the Sil-Org neutralized before the singularity.
When restored humanity will then need to choose which path it wants to follow.  I would suggest a moratorium on any and all new forms of technology until the long-term effects of its addictive presence in our biosphere are known – as a healthy first-step. It just might appease the gods.
Why are we allowing metastasizing multinationals like BP and TEPCO to threaten the long-term habitability of Earth? Arrogantly extending their middle finger to the entire planet, nuclear corporations are urging everyone from Iwaki to Istanbul to go back to sleep and ignore levels of radioactive food contamination now deemed unsafe in Europe and more than a dozen U.S. cities.
With names like Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium-90, Cesium-134, Xenon, Iodine-131, Chlorine-38, and Tellurium-129, it’s hard for us ordinary people to understand what is actually happening. Most of us rely on “professionals” to tell us whether to worry about our safety and the dangers to our children and loved ones. While public relations specialists are telling us not to panic, at a recent gathering of international nuclear engineers, the current crisis is being described as “one of the greatest disasters in modern times.”
Despite these warnings, the real issue that few are willing to acknowledge so far is that Fukushima fallout will continue for many more months. And during this fallout, there will be a cumulative load of radiation raining down upon the grasses, fruits and vegetables that make up the global food supply. How high those levels get is anyone’s guess, and those animals that feed upon those grasses — such as cattle, goats and sheep — will tend to further concentrate the radioactivity, producing milk and meat products that are far more radioactive than the grasses upon which they fed.
While industries continue to pollute the planet with their toxic chemicals, toxic waste and toxic spills, Earth’s pollinators sing a swan song that leaves no doubt as to the folly of modern civilization.  Our ability to hear and appropriately respond to the crisis of declining pollinators will determine humanity’s survival.
Leaving aside Atlantis and myths for a moment, we can see that the theory of increasing planets causing increasing distress in the Sun due to increasing angular momentum at the Sun’s equator would necessarily imply that the 2012 precession cycle peak will be worse than our ancient ancestors experienced. Hmmmmm…not a good sign for life here on earth.