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The Others Among Us

Good Morning,
The Others Among Us is now posted in the Countdown Journal.

11:11:11 New Link


The Gathering: 11:11:11
The Gathering: 11:11:11 Evidently there will be an opening act – notwithstanding the 13 month separation – to the main event of a portal opening at Bell Rock in Sedona on the winter solstice of 2012.

According to the Gathering web site hundreds of unidentified lightworkers and starseeds are asking thousands of people from around the world to come to Sedona for the week leading up to November 11th of this year (11:11:11) and personally unite to celebrate the shift in consciousness that is awakening in everyone.

Sounds like a good idea to me. But the fact that their You Tube video, web site, and facebook page do not name any of the organizers is a cause for concern. Another red flag is the lack of any specific organized activities even though the event is just over 9 months away. I hope this venture is not just a way to sell hoodies/t-shirts or collect names/email addresses. The web site is asking for more information to register for the event than is necessary.

If it does materialize I will certainly get a better idea of what to expect on ws2012 – even though it will no longer matter to me how many people are there to witness the portal opening. By then I will have finished all that I needed to do – except for any leap of faith of course.

For the record I have neither connection nor relationship with whomever is promoting the event on November 11th. I also neither request nor encourage anyone to attend though a week in Sedona is itself worth the trip.

Cya soon. Same frequency/same channel.