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Jumping to Conclusions


Some people have interpreted Peter’s “Leap of Faith” as meaning a jump to his death from the top of Bell Rock. Interestingly, one of the most viewed post on this website is Peter’s post where he concludes with:

“I would like to commence this section by emphatically stating an extremely important truth which everyone should know and understand beyond any possible doubt:

There really is no such state as “death”.”

As to whether he took “a Leap of Faith from the top of Bell Rock” at 11:11am on December 21st, 2012, the subject is open for debate. I will go out on a limb and play devil’s advocate (for a lawyer none the less?). In my opinion Peter took a huge Leap of Faith by following his heart and sharing his journey with anyone who cared to join him. Many people from around the world have climbed to the top of Bell Rock with Peter and felt a renewal of their love for the Earth. It is a place where new dreams are born and limiting beliefs vanish. Death is the most limiting of beliefs.

In order to get to the spot where Peter took so many pilgrims requires a short physical leap over a chasm, and that requires faith. Looking at the possibility of missing instead of the goal could spell doom or at least a lot of bumps and bruises. Yet even a pregnant mother to be joined Peter in taking that Leap of Faith to bathe in the unique energy that emanates from that spot. Peter is not the first to discover it, nor will he be the last.

For thousands of years Bell Rock has been considered Sacred Ground by Native American Tribes of Northern Arizona, especially by the Hopi and Yavapai peoples. It considered by many one of the major Vortex energy centers on the planet. It is a shame that so many tourist feel the need to carve their names and symbols on the rock that they have obscured many ancient pictogylph and petroglyphs that were once visible on and around Bell Rock. Many ancient stories have been lost.

Peter’s message and mission were clear, that there is a virus that is corrupting the holographic universe we live in. It’s really not that different from many of our greatest teachers who share the belief that what we see is the result of what we believe and the words we program our minds with. The truth has always been there for the seeker to find. It is limited belief systems that keep us separate from realms that are eternal and lead to death and disease. It all starts with how the message is interpreted and what conclusions we jump to.

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