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24 November 2010

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –Henry David Thoreau
PAG e-NEWS: 24 November 2010
— questioning dogma, ideology, authority, reality, and whatever is left
   — peeking behind the curtain
   — thinking outside the program
   — looking below the surface       
   — lifting the veil
Published by Peter A. Gersten, Esq. (
11:11 Invitation 2012:
A world where any memory can be erased as easily as hitting the delete button on a computer, where any dream can be recorded and used against you for any reason, where your past can be changed in order to maintain the status quo, and where certain individuals will have superpowers while others remain enslaved, is not a world I want to be part of. It is also not a world I want my grandchildren to be part of. We are witnessing the transformation of the carbon-based life form along with the destruction of its biosphere. Only an act even more absurd can stop the inevitable.
Pharma researchers working on drug to erase your memories
Drug researchers are working on a mind-altering chemical that could erase your memories. It’s all being pursued under the umbrella of “mental health” with claims that this could help victims of emotional trauma.
Scientists hope to record our dreams after successful experiments using brain implants
Scientists hope to record our dreams after successful experiments using brain implants. In a remarkable breakthrough which would allow researchers a unique insight into the human mind, a dream recorder that could interpret electronic data is planned.
New concept that would allow history to be ‘edited’ and people to suddenly ‘reappear’
The device would speed up and slow down light to give the illusion that events have not happened. A cloaked individual could, for instance, travel from one place to another while appearing to vanish and rematerialise instantaneously in a new location.

11:11 Invitation

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