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28 June 2010

Fools! They refuse to believe life exists in meteorites. I showed them at the astrophysics conference what I just showed you. But no! Even with a microscope they are blind! What do I have to do? Hit them over the head? – from the Andromeda Strain
PAG e-NEWS: 28 June 2010
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It’s once again time for some not-so-random thoughts: I doubt that posting radiation levels on cell phones will deter cell phone use, but it is a good move. How about doing the same for microwave ovens and other radiation-producing appliances? The second article reminds me of the movie Andromeda Strain. But then again I say that every time they open capsules from space. The third article is very disturbing. We can’t tell a real UFO from a manmade device as it is now – can you imagine what it will be like once the drones are released? We won’t know what we are seeing on YouTube.
San Francisco passes cell phone radiation law 
San Francisco has become the first city in the US to require mobile phone retailers to post radiation levels next to the handsets they sell.
Hayabusa asteroid capsule opening gets under way
The canister, which returned to Earth on 13 June, is being worked on at the Japanese space agency’s (Jaxa) Sagamihara Campus in Kanagawa. It is hoped the vessel will contain small amounts of dust grabbed from the surface of asteroid Itokawa by a spacecraft in 2005.
FAA under pressure to open US skies to drones
There are two types of unmanned planes: Drones, which are automated planes programmed to fly a particular mission, and aircraft that are remotely controlled by someone on the ground, sometimes from thousands of miles away.

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