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29 March 2010

If one looks with a cold eye at the mess man has made of history, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that he has been afflicted by some built-in mental disorder which drives him towards self-destruction. –Arthur Koestler
PAG e-NEWS: 29 March 2010 
— questioning dogma, ideology, authority, reality, and whatever is left
   — peeking behind the curtain
   — thinking outside the program
   — looking below the surface       
   — lifting the veil
Published by Peter A. Gersten, Esq. (
Denying climate change is just one of the many situations that reflect our self- destructive tendencies. And if there isn’t an external influence that is responsible for our callous disregard for all life forms and the planet we live on, maybe it is time for Mother Earth to seek her own brand of vengeance against us. But then again if our memes have been infected by a cosmic virus bent on destroying carbon-based life forms along with their biospheres, a re-boot at the Source could restore our true destiny.
10 Ways Mother Earth Will Strike Back If We Don’t Stop Our Wanton Destruction of the Environment
Welcome to our existential nightmare. From rising seas and runaway droughts and storms to the outer limits of dystopian catastrophes like the fart apocalypse — I’ll explain later — our planet has no shortage of ways to bitch-slap us back into our dangerous reality, whether we want it to or not.
Chemical From Plastic Water Bottles Found Throughout Oceans
A survey of 200 sites in 20 countries around the world has found that bisphenol A, a synthetic compound that mimics estrogen and is linked to developmental disorders, is ubiquitous in Earth’s oceans.
Showers releasing a pharma cocktail into environment
“Topical APIs, from bathing and showering, however, are released unmetabolized and intact, in their full-strength form,” Ruhoy said. “Therefore, their potential as a source of pharmaceutical residues in the environment is increased.”
The Biggest Dump in the World
As large as the USA, the Great Pacific Waste Patch is the biggest dump in the world. Ed Cumming discovers that it keeps getting bigger, and could be poisoning us all.

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