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22 September 2010

The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.  –Paul Valery
PAG e-NEWS: 22 September 2010
— questioning dogma, ideology, authority, reality, and whatever is left
   — peeking behind the curtain
   — thinking outside the program
   — looking below the surface       
   — lifting the veil
Published by Peter A. Gersten, Esq. (
Say hello to virtual reality, digital technology, and artificial creatures. Say goodbye to carbon-based life forms, the biosphere, and the natural order of things.
Avatar therapy: From couch to cyberspace
Welcome to Second Life, a virtual world with almost 20 million players globally, where the avatars – digital stand-ins for the players – create everything around them. Every cobbled street, every tree swaying in the wind, even the wind itself, is the product of someone’s imagination.
Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime
The technology makes the tiniest windows of time entertaining, and potentially productive. But scientists point to an unanticipated side effect: when people keep their brains busy with digital input, they are forfeiting downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come up with new ideas.
Won’t You (Cheaply) Help DARPA Gear Up for the Coming Robopocalypse?
Back in July the government identified robots as one of the R&D priorities for the 2012 budget (about a decade behind the rest of us). Now there’s a research funding round to aid small business robotic’s efforts, to build robot gear DARPA can’t manage.

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